Chest Shop Guide

How to place a chest shop

Players can sell items they have collected at /warp market. Below is a crash-course on setting up a shop.

  1. Place a chest on the ground
  2. Place a sign 1 block away from the chest (for example, above the chest)
  3. The first line will be filled by the plugin automatically, so leave it blank.
  4. The second line is the amount of items you wish to sell per-click.
  5. The price line is a combination of buy and sell prices. You’ve got to have a price indicator (like ‘B’ – price that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS – or ‘S’ – the SELL price) near the price – the prices are separated by a colon (:) Some of the possible price combinations: “B5:5S”, “B5”, “S free”
  6. The final line is the name of the item you are selling. If you want to be sure you have the right item name, use the ID of the item instead. You can find out the ID of the item you’re holding by doing /iteminfo. This is helpful for selling potions as well.


The above sign would sell 1 diamond at the price of 20 coins to a player, while offering to buy one back from them for 10 coins each.