Rank Check

  • To see what you need to do next to rank up, do /ar check
  • To see some of your current stats, do /stats


Mob Arena

  • /ma j – Lists available mob arenas
  • /ma j – Join an arena
  • You must have an empty inventory to join
  • Experience gained will transfer to the main map
  • You do not lose your experience for dying
  • Mob kills count towards the kills required for ranking
  • Rewards vary, better rewards are given as the waves increase



  • /hunt – Join hunt
  • /spawn – Leave hunt
  • You must be an apprentice to use all kits (info under Ranks)
  • You do not lose your experience or items in the main world for dying in hunt
  • The hunt map resets (usually every 24 hours), as the environment is destructible


LWC (protected chests and such)

  • /cprivate – Lock something to your name
  • /cmodify [player name] – add another player to a lock
  • /lwc flag hopper on – Gives hoppers the ability to pull items from a locked block
  • /cinfo – View lock information
  • /cremove – Remove a lock
  • /cpublic – Allow everyone to take items and place items in a chest
  • /cdonation – Allow players to only place items in a chest
  • Locks keep your items protected. While stealing is not allowed, it can happen. Using locks helps prevent theft.



  • /warp admin – Teleport to admin shop
  • /tpa [player name] – Teleport to another player
  • /tpahere [player name] – Teleport a player to you
  • /tpaccept – Accept a teleport request
  • /spawn – Return to spawn



  • /home set [home name] – Set a home with a name
  • /home [home name] – Go to your home
  • /home delete [home name] – Delete a home
  • /home invite [player name] [home name] – Invite a player to your home
  • /home uninvite [player name] [home name] – Uninvite a player from your home
  • /home list – List your homes
  • Gain more home sets as you rank up



  • /balance – Show your current balance
  • /pay [player name] [amount] – Pay a player
  • /vote – Link to voting sites
  • Voting gives 50 coins per vote (chance for more)



  • /msg [player name] [message] – Privately message another player
  • /r – Respond to a message
  • /mail – Read or clear your mail


Rank Commands

  • /fly – Fly
  • /recipe [item name] – Show the crafting recipe for an item
  • /workbench – Opens up a workbench
  • /enderchest – Open your ender chest
  • /kit [kit name] – Receive a kit of items