This is a friendly server, so if you are an angry little ball of hate, please go elsewhere. We have a very basic rule set:

  • No griefing/raiding
  • No cheating/hacking
  • No gratuitous offensive language
  • No harassment or threats
  • Do not AFK at mob farms / spawners
  • No advertising
  • Do not give away locations (or hints to them) of secrets on the server, including Spell locations
  • No spamming
  • No racism or hate speech of any kind
  • Do not ask for ranks, items, time changes, or creative

These rules are in place to protect our builds and community. After you have accepted them and filled out an application, a staff member will accept/deny and comment on your post. Your application may not be accepted immediately but the wait time will never be longer than a few hours. 

To apply, register with the website and fill out the application below.