Welcome to UnearthedCraft

Connect to us at: mc.unearthedcraft.com
A Discord server has been started at: https://discord.gg/x8FekGr

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Unearthedcraft is a friendly, no-griefing light survival server with a few custom plugins and game types that you can’t find anywhere else. PvP is allowed, but only if you choose to enable it with /pvp.

We also have a custom minigame we call /hunt. It is a free-for-all, always-running, pvp-enabled world where you fight each other with over 20 custom weapons (via a kit selection panel) and respawn as many times as you like. The Hunt world is also fully destructible, either with your pickaxe, shovel, grenades, rockets, and even trip mines. We regenerate it multiple times daily. No mods are required to play.

We use a custom resource pack to skin all of our weapons and ammo for /hunt, so be sure to enable Server Textures in your server selection screen. It does *not* replace blocks like grass, dirt, stone, etc, so feel free to use your own desired texture packs along with it.

There are a ton of custom-made Mob Arenas where you can win various loot and custom weapons each round.

We of course also have the usual amenities that make building more safe and fun, such as Worldguard, Chest Shop, and LWC (to lock chests).

Finally, we employ an auto-rank system to allow players to rank up for new abilities as they explore, kill mobs, and vote. These abilities include better kits in hunt, additional homes to set, and more.

If this sounds like the server for you, apply for our whitelist at http://www.unearthedcraft.com/forums/

This is a friendly server, so if you are an angry little ball of hate, please go elsewhere. We have a very basic rule set:

  • No griefing/raiding
  • No cheating/hacking
  • No gratuitous offensive language
  • No harassment or threats
  • No adult or inappropriate content/conduct
  • No lag-inducing redstone or mob farms
  • No advertising (products, services, or other servers)
  • No spamming
  • No racism or hate speech of any kind
  • Do not ask for ranks, items, time changes, or creative mode

Latest Tweets

3 years ago
A huge "thanks" goes out to all of you that made it what it was, especially back in the day. Take care, and be good people. The real world needs more of them.
3 years ago
Hello, all! Sorry things haven't ever really picked up again. I've been ridiculously busy with work. Lots of it. That said, the server will be shutting down for what is likely the last time on the 16th of this month.
3 years ago
Still working on /hunt - finding a good kit plugin that actually works is tough.

We have quite a few plugins installed, including some minigames like Mobarena. We also have a custom minigame that, to our knowledge, you can’t play anywhere else. We call it /hunt.

Everyone starts out as a Novice. You can progress through the ranks by playing frequently and following the rules. If you would like to donate to keep our server going, we say “thank you” by providing some perks. Feel free to check out our Donate page for more information.

From build contests to pvp battles and more. Staff sponsored events may (and almost always) include some type of in-game reward, such as items or abilities.